Allison Rodway

Allison has a Bachelor’s Degree in Athletic and Exercise Therapy, and currently works as a Certified Athletic Therapist and Exercise Physiologist in a variety of settings. She completed her Master’s Degree in Kinesiology at the University of Victoria where she researched physiological changes that occur in post-sport related concussions; specifically, heart rate variability changes.

For her thesis project she used a varsity population where she completed assessments monitoring heart rate variability at rest and exercise pre and post-concussion. The results of her research demonstrated trends similar to studies showing an uncoupling between the autonomic nervous system and cardiovascular system.

Allison works with high performance athletes at the provincial, varsity and national team levels in rugby, hockey, basketball and soccer. She works to plan and manage athletes from the time of injury to a full return to play and school. In addition to high performance athletes, she has consulted on concussion management with recreational athletes and general population as well. She works to give patients the most up-to-date recovery strategies and enjoys taking a multidisciplinary approach to concussion recovery to ensure the best outcomes for patients.

In her spare time, Allison loves marathons, and enjoys cycling, strength training and finding the best ice cream in the city.