Health Questionnaires

Tracking your progress is vital when recovering from a concussion. Our program will track your progress over time and identify areas of improvement.

We recommend that you fill out our questionnaire once a week. Over a period of time, you will be able to see your progress over time.

Our health questionnaire covers 16 major areas:

Anxiety • Depression • Mood • Emotions

Cognitive Issues • Nausea • Dizziness

Headaches • Neck Pain

Sensitivity to Sound & Light

Fatigue • Sleep • Support • Identity

Social • Hobbies • Exercise

Work • School • Relationships

Athletic Therapy

It is a common misconception to avoid physical activity after a concussion. Research shows that physical activity improves recovery. However, you must gradually progress to prevent overexertion.

Working with Athletic Therapists, our program is comprised of 4 components that are designed to safely improve your physical activity.

Stretching & Strengthening

You may be dealing with lasting headaches that can be very painful and debilitating. Collaborating with Physiotherapists, we have created a stretching and strengthening program that will relieve your headaches.

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Balance Therapy

Consulting with Vestibular Experts, we have developed an extensive program that contains over 500 balance exercises. The exercises gradually increase in difficulty, to ensure your balance system equilibrates safely.

Eye Training

An injury to the head can result in deficiencies to the visual system. This means that your eyes will have to work harder to move, focus, and transmit visual information to your brain. Since our eyes are always being used, even a small deficiency can result in severe symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, cognitive issues, and anxiety.

We have created computer games and exercises that are designed to get your visual system up and running again.

Occupational Therapy

It can be difficult to stay motivated while your symptoms have stagnated or gotten worse.

Collaborating with Occupational Therapists, we have created a system that will gradually increase your daily functioning in a safe and controlled manner.

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Working with Psychologists, we have created tools that will help you master your internal state, and help your loved ones have a better understanding of your hardships so that they can provide the support you need.

Cognitive Exercises

It is important to keep your mind stimulated and sharp. Our cognitive games will challenge your memory, multitasking skills, and reaction time. Your progress will be saved and tracked, allowing you to see your improvement over time.

Nutrition & Supplements

Working with Dieticians and patients who have recovered, we have compiled a list of healthy recipes and supplements that will fuel your brain with the ingredients it needs to optimize recovery.

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Additional Treatments

Working with former concussion patients, we have compiled a collection of unique treatments. This section is  for people who feel that they've exhausted all treatment options.

Symptoms List

We have compiled a checklist of symptoms that can be used for reference by you and your support networks.


Everyone needs an advisor. We have a team of advisors that are well versed in concussions and the journey to recovery.

By virtually connecting with one of our advisors in the comfort of your home, you will have the guidance and support you seek on your schedule.


We have created a large bank of resources, ranging from Ted Talks, books, podcasts, research conferences, and forums. Immerse yourself and learn more about concussions.

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